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Meet The Band
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We are Calpurnia.

BRIAN:  screen name  Deef3

               Lead Guitar, Never Vocals, Keyboard, Piano

I can't really say that I'm the lead guitarist of Calpurnia anymore.  We both play too many damn instruments.  But what i can say is that im the tallest member and lead pianoist (i think its pianist, o well).  I listen to a lot of different kinds of music.  Some of the old stuff like from Chicago and REO Speedwagon is good, but so is stuff like Avenged Sevenfold.  I'll listen to anything.  (Techno stuff sux though and it will NEVER come back)  And I have a gf now, I'm no longer a loser!!  So for all the hordes of girls that wanted me (or wanted to avoid me) i apoligize.  And no Lauren didn't make me type that.  I'm just making this longer to make josh feel better about himself.  Even though we all know he wont shut up.  Ok i think i beat him.  I know that i am longer than you josh.  This paragraph proves it.

JOSH: screen name  calpurniabassist
                  Rhythm Guitar, Vocals,Bass        
i'm josh the rhythm guitarist, bassist and vocalist of calpurnia. i am going to attempt to make my bio shorter than brian's although i doubt it's possible. i love almost all punk music but as of recently i have been listening to lots of different stuff like Matchbook Romance, Coheed&Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, Story of the Year,  Brand New, and most importantly The Starting Line. like Brian i also have a lovely girlfriend. Brian is still a loser though.i write lyrics and brian writes music. my bio is shortest, and yes, it is the only thing that is shorter than Brian (besides arms and legs)!